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REDUCTIONS when hiring more cars or for long-term hires.


Our car rental offers cost effective car hire of SKODA cars (full operative leasing) from only CZK 330,- a day and from CZK 9.900,- monthly. We offer a complete car fleet management to selected clients. You will find us in Brno. 

We offer long and short term hire of SKODA cars in all standard and metallic colours. There are distinctive discounts for our regular customers.

If you are interested, we can provide a complete external management of your car fleet.

In case of a defect, our partner service is ready to repair your car preferentially. If the repair cannot be done while one waits, we will offer you a substitute car, brought by our technicians who are available on the mobile phones 24 hours.

Services included in hire price

  • optional hire of the car in Brno, on agreement
  • optional hire of the car outside the working hours, on agreement
  • substitute car in case of an accident, defect or service check
  • accident insurance for the Czech Republic and abroad on selected cars
  • mandatory insurance for the Czech Republic and abroad
  • change of summer and winter tires
  • all common repairs, tire changes, filling of utility liquids
  • road tax
  • road stamp for the Czech Republic
  • fee for using the radio in the car


against involvement in an accident

Significant advantage

Repeated and long-term leases


car rental

Profitable sale

used cars